About Us

Institute of Persian Language

The Institute of Persian Language and Literature Studies was founded in 1993 with the aim to promote Persian Language (Farsi) in The United Kingdom.

Courses are ranging  from elementary to GCSE.  Although equal time is spent on teaching reading, writing, speaking and listening, more emphasis is placed on speaking and listening.

In Farsi Stage 1 (beginners), our aim is to provide a thorough introductory course in Farsi with the emphasis on practical writing, reading and speaking Farsi. Students also gain basic background knowledge of Iran.

In intermediate and higher intermediate courses students gain listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, plus background knowledge of the country.

The advanced course, emphasis on the practical and vocational skills necessary to communicate in the language effectively and enable student to read and understand the media and literature.

Classes are held every Saturday in the Library for Iranian Studies, The Woodlands Hall, Crown Street, London W3 8SA.

Year 5:       09.30-11.00 
Year 3&4:   11.00-12.30
Year 2:       12.30-14.00
Year 1:       14.30-16.00
GCSE:        16.00-17.30

The Institute offers Distance Learning for intermediate, higher intermediate and advanced levels.

All examinations are held in July.

Further Information:
Additional information, including entry procedures, fees and dates are available from the Institute.